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HD inkjet
  • The substrate is made of PP synthetic paper, and the back side is coated with an adhesive. The release film can be removed and pasted, and it is not easy to remove after being attached. Fast-moving advertising and exhibitions are widely used.
  • Casting grade PVC film, excellent picture printing quality, gray pressure sensitive adhesive, good shielding, rubber surface with grain, can discharge the gas generated during installation, leaving no residual glue.
  • Imported synthetic paper sprayed after surface treatment imported transparent double-sided adhesive, attached to the opposite side of acrylic, with a line of high-grade transparent texture. Suitable for jewelry, cosmetics, consumer electronics terminal experience store display stand
  • Photo paper, also known as photographic paper, photographic paper and photographic paper, is a material used in the traditional printing industry to wash photos. Later, it was referred to as photographic paper in the inkjet industry.
  • It is extruded from iron powder, polyethylene and other additives. It can be attached to the magnetic sheet. It can be installed without any installation technology. The replacement screen is simple and easy to operate.
  • KT board is a kind of light decorative board. It is actually a foam board with smooth paper on both sides. It is generally used for exhibition boards, exhibitions or supermarket promotions.
  • PVC foam board is not easy to deteriorate, easy to process, and can be directly printed on the board UV printing pattern, covering the adhesive screen and inkjet, widely used in advertising display promotion
  • The initial viscosity is high, and it can be quickly put into use regardless of dryness or wetness. The paste has good ductility and strong weather resistance, and is suitable for all kinds of counters, vending machines and freezers in the sales terminal.
  • It is extruded by magnetic powder, polyethylene and other additives. It has the softness of rubber. The advertisements are magnetic, easy to place, easy to replace, and can be installed without any installation technology.
  • Special casting grade PVC film for concrete, brick walls, mortar walls, corrugated surfaces and similar surfaces
  • The material comes from Korea, and it is used for light box advertisements, window displays, etc. Used in cosmetics, clothing, watches, jewelry and other applications.
  • High gloss, bright color, high image resolution, self-adhesive on the back, easy to paste, matte and glossy
  • The base fabric is thin, soft to the touch, high in texture, because the double penetration effect is good, and the inkjet effect can play a two-sided publicity role, which is suitable for commercial windows, curtains, POP paintings of shopping malls, etc.
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