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After the integration of Tencent's advertising, the first performance answer was: 44% year-on-year,

Date: 2019-03-21

On March 21, 2019, Tencent announced its unaudited consolidated results for the fourth quarter of 2018 and the audited consolidated results for the year ended December 31, 2018. For the whole year of 2018, Tencent's total revenue was 312.694 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 32%. Among them, online advertising 2018 annual revenue reached 58.1 billion yuan, an increase of 44%, accounting for nearly 20% of Tencent's annual revenue; fourth quarter revenue of 17.033 billion yuan, an increase of 38%.


This is the first performance answer from Tencent Advertising to the outside world since Tencent announced the strategic upgrade and organizational restructuring at the end of September last year. Recently, Tencent Advertising has released a brand new brand identity. After nearly six months of rapid adjustment, the business integration of Tencent Advertising has achieved initial results.

Tencent advertising new logo unveiled

On September 30 last year, Tencent announced a strategic upgrade and organizational restructuring. In the advertising business, the Social Development and Performance Advertising Group of the Corporate Development Group (CDG) integrated with the advertising sales line and advertising platform product division of the Online Media Business Group (OMG) to form a new Tencent advertisement under the CDG.



The new brand identity of Tencent Advertising, with the outline of A and M letters, reflects the comprehensive upgrade of business capabilities from advertising to marketing services. The yellow dot symbolizes Tencent's advertising with 'user' as the core. The three dark blue slashes represent the three core capabilities of 'panoramic connection', 'digital wisdom' and 'human experience'. Three light blue slashes represent Tencent advertising and customers and ecology. Partners achieve integration and collaboration to create value growth.

As the leading marketing platform in China, Tencent Advertising brings together Tencent's full application scenarios, with core business data, marketing technology and professional service capabilities. Tencent Advertising is committed to efficient marketing solutions, building a good connection between brands and users, and providing integrated digital marketing solutions covering online and offline integration of brands, promotions and retail.


Three core competencies, full chain drive business growth

The newly upgraded Tencent advertising, with the three core capabilities of more powerful panoramic connection, more complete digital intelligence, and more friendly human experience, builds a smart connection between brands and users, helping advertisers to achieve business growth efficiently.

Panoramic connection: Fully connect social, information, entertainment, tools and other Tencent system scenarios, online and offline integration reach consumers, so that marketing is zero and ubiquitous.

Tencent's advertising is based on WeChat and WeChat with a monthly active account of 1.098 billion. The overall monthly active account has 807 million QQ and other social platforms. The monthly active users exceed 500 million. Tencent video, QQ browser, Tencent music, Tencent News, Tencent Sports Industry-leading platforms such as Tiantian Express and Tencent Advertising Alliance can achieve high-efficiency access to users across screens and cross-scenarios through small tools and other intelligent tools to create a short-link, high-efficiency marketing loop.

Digital Wisdom: Transforming digital assets into business value, achieving a comprehensive digitalization of marketing from strategy, creativity, delivery to promotion and conversion, driving efficient business growth.

Tencent Advertising is based on big data to help advertisers realize the digitalization of marketing full links. Through in-depth and comprehensive user insights, combined with digital asset management platform, similar crowd development, oCPA, dynamic creativity and other smart tools and technologies to make marketing more friendly. Accurate, efficient, and achieve synergy in marketing, driving business growth.

 People-oriented experience: Tencent advertising takes 'people' as the core to create a smart, efficient, and resonating human-oriented experience, bringing more lasting user relationships and business returns to advertisers.

Tencent Advertising is user-centered, through the multi-IP of information, literature, animation, sports, games, music, film and television to help brands establish a resonant connection with users, and use social interaction and circle interests to condense users from different angles. With the AI, AR and other technology experiences, the company establishes a lasting connection between the brand and the user, making the marketing exciting.

Increased marketing value, helping advertisers achieve business growth

After the business integration and upgrade, Tencent Advertising will directly bring three aspects of value enhancement to advertisers - it can provide more comprehensive Tencent marketing resources, digital capabilities of the service marketing chain, and cover a wider range of clients.

Tencent's advertising services can cover all types of customers from the whole country to the region, and can also cover a wider vertical segmentation industry. Customers from different industries, different scales and different marketing needs can use Tencent's marketing resources conveniently and efficiently to bring efficient growth to their business.

In the Spring Festival of 2019, Tencent Advertising integrated the advantages of Tencent News, Tencent Video, WeChat, QQ, Microvision, Tencent Music, Tencent Games and other marketing resources to maximize the brand's Spring Festival marketing: use QQ social red envelopes and micro-vision short video red packets to meet the audience Social interaction needs; with the 'Gifts Home', 'FUN' and other high-quality content to keep up with the hot season; to cover multiple entertainment scenes through QQ music, elimination games, etc.; through 'shadowing with the shape' 'flash screen red envelope rain' Innovative advertising forms, comprehensively help Jingdong, McDonald's, Yunnan Baiyao, Mercedes-Benz, NIKE, Country Garden, Unicom and other industry brands to open the Spring Festival marketing full scene, with the heart of the marketing 'connect everyone's Spring Festival.'

During the Spring Festival, Friends Circle launched a variety of innovative interactive communication methods to bring the brand closer to the user through a fresh and interesting interactive experience. 'Stars send blessings' let the stars send New Year's greetings in the circle of friends like friends around the user, inciting the power of fans, effectively improving the advertising interaction rate and social communication. “Video Light Interaction” allows users to participate as part of the brand's creativity and inspire users to further social interaction.

After completing the brand rebranding and new logos, Tencent Advertising will release more marketing products and solutions based on business integration and upgrade in the near future.

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