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The emergence and development of inkjet technology

Date: 2019-04-04

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In 600 AD, the first physical object was printed in China. In the 7th century, the engraving of the Tang Dynasty appeared in China. It continues today. With the development of economy and technology, Beijing inkjet has penetrated into various kinds. In the industry. It is not only the industry field occupied by inkjet products, but also the technology is constantly improving. In order to meet the needs of inkjet printing, special inkjet printing has appeared.

1, the production of special inkjet

The emergence of special inkjet printing technology is the inevitable result of the development of general inkjet printing technology, and the special inkjet printing technology shows its strong vitality and broad development prospects with its unique inkjet printing technology, unique and exquisite inkjet printing effect and wide application range. The development of inkjet technology is more vibrant and dynamic. It can be considered that both general inkjet printing and special inkjet printing penetrate and mutually promote each other, and thus achieve common development.

Special inkjet technology mainly studies inkjet printing, inkjet materials, inkjet equipment and inkjet suitability in certain specific occasions. The so-called specific occasions mainly include the following aspects.

(1) Special use. Such as special printing materials, special printing surfaces, various moldings and obtaining a special function.

(2) Specific inkjet methods. Mainly refers to specific plate making, inkjet, postpress processing methods.

(3) Special inkjet effect. Including the bump effect of the print, the color and stereo display effect, the adhesion of the ink to the substrate, various resistance and gloss effects, and anti-counterfeiting effects.

To solve the series of inkjet technical problems in the above situations, it is often difficult or impossible to achieve by simply relying on general inkjet printing methods. Therefore, people have successively explored new inkjet printing methods. Special inkjet printing is produced and developed under such conditions. .

2, special inkjet features

Compared with general inkjet printing, special inkjet printing has the following main features.

(1) The relativity of concepts. Special inkjet printing is relatively common in traditional inkjet printing. It is an inkjet segment developed on the basis of general inkjet technology using a technical result of inkjet printing. Without the advancement of general inkjet technology, there is no generation and development of special inkjet technology. Therefore, it is impossible to completely separate the special inkjet painting from the general inkjet painting, and it is impossible to oppose the two. Special inkjet printing has a great correlation with general inkjet printing.

(2) The particularity of the inkjet process. The particularity of the inkjet process refers to the particularity of the entire production process of the inkjet or sprayed product. For example, the principle of inkjet printing includes not only pressure-injection printing, but also pressureless inkjet printing; the plate-making method and the plate used are different, and the plate-making process is also different from right; post-pressing processing does not refer to bookbinding and mostly refers to coating glazing, bronzing, Film, bump plus, indentation, die cutting and other post-press processing processes, etc., therefore, the particularity of the inkjet process is the main feature of dedicated inkjet printing.

(3) Speciality of inkjet equipment: The particularity of the inkjet process determines the specificity of the equipment used. Such as stereo cameras, digital cameras, holographic cameras used in special inkjet printing; special plate making equipment and inkjet printing equipment, as well as post-press processing and processing equipment.

(4) Diversity of substrates c The diversity of substrates is mainly reflected in three aspects. First, its printing materials include not only paper, but also cardboard, corrugated cardboard, metal, glass, fabric, synthetic resin fiber, etc. Second, its printing surface is not only flat, but also curved, rigid surface, elastic surface and molded product. Third, its substrate specifications not only have conventional size specifications, but also as small as 2.54M or even small electronic components, up to several meters of various sizes.

Special inkjet printing technology consists of specific inkjet printing principles and plate making processes, specific inkjet printing, postpress processing methods and equipment, specific printing materials and special applications, which constitute a new inkjet production technology system, involving many social life and industrial sectors. In this respect, 巳 has become a very active industry.

3. Development of special inkjet printing

Due to the wide range of applications of special inkjet printing and the diversity of printing materials, there is currently no uniform classification method for dedicated inkjet printing. If the functions and functions are different, the special inkjet printing can be divided into three types, namely, special inkjet printing technology for producing living media, special inkjet printing technology for producing production media, and special inkjet printing technology for producing social media.

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