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Analysis of the future development trend of the inkjet industry

Date: 2019-04-04
Resource: 荣彩

Inkjet printing is very important in the production of outdoor advertising. In the short period of more than ten years, due to the past production methods and technology can not meet the needs of the advertising industry, the application of inkjet technology in the outdoor advertising production continues to expand and influence.

The facts of inkjet development in these years show that these two views are not very accurate, and inkjet printing is developing rapidly in China, but traditional outdoor printing methods and inkjet printing have their own advantages in outdoor advertising printing. The insiders also came to this conclusion: China's inkjet printer industry has a gratifying development, with a clear industrial chain, has formed the prototype of the inkjet printer industry.

After more than ten years of development, the strength of inkjet printing proves its value. It has won more markets with complete varieties, high-quality pictures and stable performance, which has led to the gradual increase of inkjet equipment and the sharp reduction of inkjet prices. The virtuous circle has greatly stimulated the needs of our customers, allowing more advertisers to see more opportunities.

According to incomplete statistics, the large-scale inkjet printers nationwide have increased the number of nearly 10 times in just 4 years. The final result is that the inkjet industry is developing rapidly in China. For example, the number of inkjet printing equipment is increasing, the painting surface is more refined, the printing speed is getting faster and faster, and the inkjet printing format is increasing.

Because of the high technical content required for inkjet printing, the high cost of imported equipment, and the low equipment, outdoor advertising made by inkjet technology has a good picture effect, but the price of spray painting is high, except for some large enterprises. Enterprises are discouraged from it, which greatly inhibits the promotion of inkjet technology in China. At the same time, the ideal publicity effect of large-scale outdoor advertising has attracted some people. Many of the peers have actively discussed the development of the inkjet industry in China. Some people think that the development prospects of inkjet printing are not good in China, and some believe that inkjet printing will soon occupy in outdoor advertising. Absolute advantage.

With the development of domestic inkjet technology, some of the inkjet equipment independently developed by some enterprises have been recognized by the market. At present, the outdoor advertising in the region is developing rapidly, the effect of spraying painting surface is very good, the speed is getting faster and faster, and the effect of realism is achieved. Promotion and use, the future inkjet industry has a place in the country.

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