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Inkjet advertising production process troubleshooting method

Date: 2019-04-04

In the process of inkjet advertising production, it is inevitable that there will be failures. Some solutions for the sudden shutdown of the inkjet printer are as follows:

When using PHOTOPRINT or MAINTOP software for inkjet printing, a certain part of the spray suddenly stops printing, and PHOTOPRINT or MAINTOP software still shows that the information is being output. What can happen when you encounter this phenomenon are:

1. Large-format inkjet printing is underway;

2. Perform high-precision inkjet printing such as 8PASS;

3, the computer operation speed is slow;

4, the computer's print port transfer speed is slow. Solution It is recommended to set the print port of the computer to the ECP print port. The inkjet printer that supports the ECP print port is much faster than the inkjet printer that does not support the ECP print port. Therefore, if the above phenomenon occurs, please check if the computer has been set to use. ECP print port, if not set, please set the operation as follows: Now take AWARD BIOS as an example to introduce the setting method: press DEL key to enter CMOS setting during hardware self-test of computer, enter INTEGRATED PE-RIPHERALS function option, which will The PARALLEL PORT MODE is set to ECP (Note: it must be pure ECP, not EPP, SPP or ECP/EPP). Finally save and exit the BIOS settings, then the computer will restart, WINDOWS system automatically detects the ECP print port and With the driver installed, you can use the high-speed transfer performance provided by the ECP print port. Using IEEE 1284 double-shielded ECP cable 'Recommended, non-essential' The length of the printed cable is too long or the quality is poor, which will affect the correctness of data transmission. Therefore, we recommend using IEEE l284 double-shielded ECP cable with a length of less than 2 meters. In addition, when the inkjet interruption occurs, first check whether the connectors on both ends of the print cable are loose, because sometimes the vibration of the machine during operation may loosen the wiring. At the same time, it is also a common and effective method to replace other printed cables that are used to ensure replacement. Turn off the automatic power management function of the computer. Because the printing work takes a long time, in the process of printing, most customers often let the computer automatically calculate and output without performing other operations. If the power management function is enabled, the hard disk or CPU will be certain. The operation stops automatically after the time, which will result in the fact that the information transmission has actually been terminated, but the software shows that the transmission is still being transmitted.

The method to turn off automatic power management is as follows:

1. Take AWARD DIOS as an example to introduce the setting method in CMOS: press DEL key to enter CMOS setting during hardware self-test of computer, enter POWER MANAGEMENT SETUP function option. Set POWER MAN_AGEMENT to DISABLE, then save and exit the BIOS setup.

2. Turn off the automatic power management function in the WINDOWS98 system. Do as follows: Start > Settings > Control Panel > Power Management, and set 'Close Hard Disk' to 'Never'. Adjust some settings in PHOTOPRINT or MAlNTOP software. Do the following: Edit > Settings > Output Devices > Settings > Communications. Then adjust the value of 'NOT SELECTED' to '120'. Extend the printer's timeout setting. Go to Edit > Settings > Output Devices > Settings > Communications and set the Transmission retry to 100 minutes.

Some other notes:

1, use genuine anti-virus software to detect whether there is a computer virus.

2. Check the remaining free space on the computer's C drive (generally ensure more than 2G of available space). Since raster image processing requires a large amount of hard disk space for placing temporary files, if the available space on the hard disk is exhausted and RIP cannot be performed, the printing will be interrupted. In general, the temporary file size required for each graphics file is usually 3-4 times the size of the source file. Therefore, it is necessary to check whether the hard disk space is sufficient before performing large-format inkjet work.

3, often finishing hard disk files. Eliminate disk fragmentation. Sometimes, although the remaining space of the hard disk is enough for normal inkjet work, it often cannot be carried out smoothly. This is mainly because the temporary files must be stored in the contiguous space of the hard disk. If the files on the hard disk are too scattered or the disk is too fragmented, the maximum will be made. Continuous free space is not enough, so it is recommended to delete or transfer some useless or infrequent files to free up hard disk space. In addition. Disk defragmentation as follows: Start > Programs > System Tools > Disk Defragmenter, generally organize the C drive.

4. Close unnecessary applications and release system resources as much as possible. Since too many unnecessary applications are opened, system resources are exhausted, causing the normal connection between the computer and the inkjet printer to be destroyed. It may also cause the inkjet to be interrupted. Therefore, it is recommended to run the PHOTOPRINT or MAINTOP software for inkjet printing after restarting the WINDOWS system before performing large-format inkjet printing. In addition, it is also a suggestion to delete the 'start' one-on-one startup program that is not necessary to run in the program group.

5. Place the production management program (PRODUCTION MANAGER) at the forefront of all run windows during the inkjet process to ensure that the program can get as much system resources and CPU processing time as possible (for PHOTOPRINT software).

6. Check the working environment. Please check whether there are high-powered electrical equipment around the workplace, such as air conditioners, refrigerators, etc. Strong electromagnetic fields will interfere with the output of the inkjet printer. At the same time, do not make the inkjet printer and the high-power electrical equipment on the same power supply line. and. In areas where power supply is not stable, it is best to have an online uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for inkjet printers and computers. Also, please do not use your phone near the printer.

7. Make sure the inkjet printer and computer have good grounding. Static electricity can adversely affect signal transmission, so use a good three-phase power outlet and plug and use a true ground wire.

8, high quality and large capacity memory. It is recommended to configure more than 128MB of memory, and it is better to have a high quality SDRAM with ECC checksum. Please do not use different brands or different capacities of memory at the same time.

9. Output the file RIP and output it. When using the PHOTOPRINT software for output, select (store as a file). The software will work the RIP into a file in P R T format and then output it using READYPRINT. When using MAINTOP software for output, change the end product to (FILES), and the same software will work RlP into PRT format file. Then, restart your computer and enter DOS mode to bring the printer online.

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