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Epson Releases New Printheads Announces Entry into Domestic Printhead Industry

Date: 2018-03-05
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[March 5, 2019, Shanghai] On March 5th, the 27th Shanghai International Advertising Technology and Equipment Exhibition opened at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center.

As a leading professional printing equipment supplier, Epson has displayed large-format printers and solutions for advertising, imaging, printing and printing, and labels. At the scene, Mr. Xiu Ye Cong, Deputy Director of Seiko Epson Solutions Division, and Mr. Shen Shi Minghong, General Manager of Epson (China) Co., Ltd. attended the conference and jointly released Epson's new print head. The two new printheads will be sold to domestic inkjet manufacturers, which also marks the official entry of Epson into the domestic printhead industry.

Entering the domestic print head industry, strengthening industry chain cooperation

In the process of industrial development today, digitalization is a very important development theme, and traditional printing and digital printing has become an inevitable trend. With the government's increased supervision over the environmental protection of printing companies, the printing industry is encouraged to go to production capacity and improve the quality of the supply side. In order to help the domestic printing industry to upgrade and accelerate the transformation of traditional printing to digital, Epson will strengthen the industrial chain cooperation to meet the environmental requirements, production efficiency and personalized printing needs of the domestic printing industry. In addition to continuing to provide better printing equipment and solutions, Epson announced that Epson has officially opened its print head sales to domestic inkjet manufacturers. At the same time, Epson will also strengthen cooperation with domestic card manufacturers and ink suppliers to provide better products and services to end users along with domestic inkjet manufacturers. This move has also attracted the attention of partners, customers, and industry media. At the exhibition, Mr. Hiroshi Satoshi and Mr. Shoji Satoshi jointly released two new UV print heads for sale - equipped with PrecisionCore®

Chip's S3200-U1 printhead and L1440-U2 printhead with MACH technology

Epson's micro-piezo print head technology enjoys a very high reputation in the industry. Prior to this, Epson had a F1440 print head for sale, and the market responded quite a lot. PrecisionCore® printheads have long been used in Epson's complete range of products as the core technology for Epson's printing products and solutions. This time Epson decided to sell the S3200 printhead with PrecisionCore® print chip, which reflects Epson's sincerity and confidence to enter the domestic print head market. Mr. Hiroshi Satoshi, Deputy Director of Seiko Epson Solutions Division, said: “Epson will quickly adapt to the rapidly expanding market scale by relying on high image quality, high quality and high reliability, and strive to meet environmental requirements and provide customers with the ability to meet Give play to the industrial foundation of personal creativity.

Continuous excellence, establish a perfect service system

At the heart of the inkjet printer is the printhead technology. Epson's inkjet printhead technology is manufactured by MEMS technology, bringing users high-precision, high-quality products. Through the miniaturization/modular design of the print head, Epson provides customers with a wide range of products in the field of inkjet digital printing that meet the needs of various users. Epson's two printheads are available to cater to the expectations of different customers. The S3200-U1 is a high-endurance inkjet printhead for UV inks. It adopts S-shaped arrangement, is easy to splicing, produces more efficient, higher quality picture quality and longer service life. The S3200-U1 is equipped with the Epson PrecisionCore® print chip. The single printhead prints a nozzle length of approximately 4.7 inches and a nozzle resolution of 600 dpi (2 columns) to ensure high-quality, high-speed continuous full-color printing. Variable ink drop technology enables multi-gray printing and supports brilliant color output with high saturation. Multiple printheads have higher stitching accuracy and a smaller footprint for better matching of Single-Pass printing.

In order to better serve domestic customers, Epson will establish a printhead technology solution center. The service includes market troubleshooting, support for domestic inkjet manufacturers and partners, matching test evaluation of print heads, boards and inks, and providing multi-faceted, all-weather technical support for domestic customers. Last year, Epson invested about 230 million US dollars to build a large factory with a construction area of about 47,000 square meters in Japan, and its production capacity has tripled. Epson will be highly competitive in the domestic printhead market with the launch of the new plant and the increased production capacity of micro-piezo printheads, coupled with the open sales of the highly anticipated PrecisionCore® printheads.

Mr. Shen Shiming, General Manager of Epson (China) Co., Ltd. said: “Epson will continue to strengthen its cooperation with domestic partners and continue to provide support for domestic inkjet manufacturers and partners to provide more solutions.”

In the future, Epson will continue to implement the “Technology + Localization Strategy” and develop more high-quality commercial and industrial print head technologies to provide Chinese customers with more export print head production lines and application fields. Work with our partners to continuously improve our customers' production processes and help them achieve more efficient, higher quality and more environmentally friendly production.

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