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2019 Beijing Advertising Exhibition Concurrent Forum List

Date: 2019-04-03
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The 2019 Beijing Huazhan Advertising Exhibition will be held in China International Exhibition Center (Old Hall) from April 6th to 8th, 2019. In order to let you know the latest developments of the advertising industry in 2019 when you visit the exhibition, the organizing committee held a variety of activities during the exhibition, which were held in the conference room 201 of the exhibition hall. details as follows:

Event theme: How to design and integrate spatial image in the logo industry

Date: April 7 (the second day of the show) 13:30--17:00

Speaker: Ms. Chen Yuzhen

CEO of TRISMART Smart Creative Course

British Vision Integration General Counsel

Good at building a cross-disciplinary dialogue platform

Has nearly 40 years of practical experience in spatial image planning and integrated design and implementation

Theme of the event: Interpretation of the National Standards for the Technical Specifications of Public Building Marking Systems

Date: April 8th (the third day of the show) 10:00--12:00

Speaker: Mr. Zhao Hua

Director of Shenzhen Marking Materials and Product Testing and Certification Laboratory; Shenzhen Municipal Institute of Labeling Times Culture Executive Director of the Ministry of Construction and the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine issued the 'Technical Specifications for Public Building Marking System' National Standard GB/T512223-2017 Drafter, Interpretation Lecturer

Event theme: How to use the vibrato to market for business in 2019

Date: April 8th (the third day of the exhibition) 12:00--12:30

Speaker: Ms. Wang Wei

'Shaking' MCN national official partner; tiny rabbit company general manager

Event theme: 2019 China Advertising Logo Display Industry Trends Conference

Date: April 8 (the third day of the show) 13:30--17:30 pm

Speech content:

1. Export trends; 2. Advertising engineering trends; 3. Self-media marketing trends; 4. Internet installation trends; 5. Luminous word trends; 6. Industrial park trends; 7. New retail of signage industry; 8. Store display Trends; 9. Shared manufacturing trends in fragmented manufacturing;

The audience attending the above forum will receive the 'Certificate of Training' issued by Beijing Mark Industry Association after the end. This certificate will be used as the basic condition for the identification of enterprises applying for “Beijing Mark Qualification Enterprise”.

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