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How to maintain the UV printer ink supply circulation system

Date: 2019-03-20
Resource: 荣彩

The UV printer ink supply circulation system is a component that needs special attention in the structure of the UV printer. The normal operation of the UV printer ink supply circulation system is the basic guarantee for supporting the operation of the UV printer. Taiwei Technology summarizes 13 years of UV printer manufacturing R & D experience for friends to easily popularize how to maintain the UV printer ink circulation system.

The ink used in coiled UV printers is solvent inkjet ink. It works well for vinyl substrates, mesh cloth and vinyl stickers. However, the disadvantage is that it is not well integrated with the coating, which affects the durability of the screen. .

However, the UV printer solvent ink has a good adsorption capacity for ethylene, which is good for maintaining the durability of the screen. In ink blending, some volatile additives are added to help the ink maintain color or stickiness. However, if the additive is used improperly, it will have a great influence on the quality of the ink, because it is in the curing performance of the ink. The curing properties of the ink need to match the UV curing system of the leather UV printer.

In the UV printer ink supply circulation system, the ink formulator and producer are working on the balance between print head maintenance (slow drying), printing, and substrate rewinding (quick drying). The water-based ink itself is dry slowly, and the ink is manufactured. Manufacturers often add moisturizers, such as ethylene glycol, to slow cure and prevent printhead blockage. All of these inks are only used for complex inkjet substrates that require high print quality. The articles are not easy to manufacture, the price is high, and the surface is similar to the paper material. For oil-based ink printers, the printed substrate is required to be more stringent because the oil does not actually evaporate and the substrate must contain all of the oil.

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