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Inkjet ink today's printing technology

Date: 2019-03-20
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Today, I will tell you about the printing technology of inkjet ink. Today, inkjet printers are widely used in all walks of life. It is necessary to understand the printing technology and reduce the blindness of inkjet printer selection. So let's take a brief look at it.

Thermal foaming technology

The thermal foaming technology was invented and promoted by HP, and the technology continues to be developed. It mainly represents printer manufacturers and representative products including the HP Designjet series and the ENCAD Novajet series.

Fourth generation micro piezoelectric technology

Invented by EPSON, due to its high precision and wide adaptability to media, it is mainly used in ROLAND Roland XJ-640\740, RS-640, FJ-740K, AJ-1000 series. Long, bright colors, long time to market, the technology is more mature.

The fifth generation of micro-piezoelectric technology

Invented by EPSON, it still maintains the high precision of the original micro-piezoelectric, but the speed is greatly improved, mainly used in Muto VJ series, MIMAMKI JV series, this technology is EPSON company over-technical, from the original 4 The nozzle is concentrated into a nozzle, and the technology is immature. Nowadays, it is basically used experimentally on the market. In the process of use, a series of problems such as printing ink and nozzle clogging are prone to occur. At the same time, the emergence of these problems has also provided a lot of help for EPSON's development of the latest sixth and seventh generation micro-piezoelectric technology. It is expected that EPSON will introduce the latest technology to the market in 2010, and discontinue the fifth-generation micro-piezoelectric technology.

Piezoelectric technology

Mainly used in large-scale inkjet printers of more than 2 meters, such as Witt, Sai Angel, Feiteng series, currently can be divided into two types.

A. On-demand ink supply technology, that is, the nozzle control portion controls the size and shape of the ink droplets, and controls the amount of ink to complete the color combination. There are mainly former angels, SALSA and so on.

B. The ink supply technology continues, that is, the ink is continuously discharged from the nozzle, but there is a bias magnetic field in the nozzle and the medium, and the ink droplet is controlled by changing the size of the magnetic field. The continuous ink supply technology is applied in the blue plate and the wide plate because the ink supply system is complicated and difficult to maintain.

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