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How to ensure the image clarity of photo printing?

Date: 2019-03-20
Resource: 荣彩

Today, I will discuss the image clarity of photo inkjet printing. I believe many people have encountered the problem that the screen output is not clear enough. Why is there an unclear output? Obviously, the accuracy of the photo machine is not low. How to ensure the clarity? In fact, not only the accuracy of the photo machine, but also the clarity of the output image is an important factor. What do you need to do to paint a good-resolution work?

First of all, there must be high-quality materials. The scanning quality of different materials is in order of color positives, photos, and prints. For color negatives, it is best not to use non-professionals because of the color reproduction problem. Among them, print is the most common, and the key to sweeping the print is to select the net parameters. The user can first compare the different parameters of the material to find the best parameters.

If the source file is less than 1/4, the image will look more visible and affect the image quality. If it is too large, it will cause the file to be too large, which will affect the speed of drawing.

In practice, users often encounter problems such that when you want to scan a photo, you need to scan more accurately than the scanner's mechanical resolution. Instead of using scanner software interpolation to improve file accuracy, the user only scans the entire domestic camera's photo with the scanner's highest mechanical resolution. The advantage is that the generated file is small, and the effective information of the obtained image is the largest, and the scanning time is short. The user can increase the accuracy of the file at a faster speed in the image processing, but before or after the interpolation algorithm using the image processing software is required. If the RIP software has anti-aliasing, it is best to turn it on. Example: A 10X10cm photo requires an 1800dpi scan and a scanner with a mechanical resolution of 600dpi. At this point there should be a 600dpi precision scan, so the scan generated file is much smaller. On this basis, the image processing speed is much faster than the 1800 dpi image.

File precision can be increased in addition to text or printout. To achieve high quality output in large format color output, you must pay attention to the source file quality to obtain the source file in two ways. First, the performance of scanning the resulting material and then scanning the resulting file has a decisive influence on quality. The quality of the files obtained by scanning the same material from different devices is different. Another way to obtain source mapping is directly from the selected off-the-shelf electronic image library, and then the user cannot select source mapping accuracy.

In theory, the accuracy of the source file should reach an output precision of not less than 1/4 in 1:1. If a 10X10cm photo is enlarged to a 100X100cm to 720dpi output, then this photo should be scanned at a resolution of no less than 1800dpi (calculation formula: source file dpi = magnification factor X (output dpi / 4)).

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